Andrew Hollo
Director, Workwell Consulting Pty Ltd

"...I've known Sam for many years and he's a super-smart operator who knows disability support inside out and back to front. He balances wisdom with intellect and a warmth and humanity that is always at the forefront of his work for, and with, people with disabilities. He would always be my first choice when I seek a partner to work with who really understands disability service delivery..."

Dr Jane Tracy MBBS (Hon), DRACOG, GCHE
director, Centre for developmental disability health (Vic)

"...[Aspect] has demonstrated, over many years, a commitment to improving the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and promoting and supporting their participation in and contribution to the lives of their communities. Sam has strong leadership skills and the knowledge, ability and interpersonal skills to both challenge current practice and guide and support ongoing practice improvement..."

Teresa McClelland
Operations Manager, Life Without Barriers

"...Sam is a passionate advocate for the rights of people who have a disability to live the life of their choice. He works provides a learning environment and opportunities for support workers to ensure they have the skills and resilience to work effectively with the people they support. This flows through to the ASID Conference that he has chaired for several years..."

Trevor Parmenter AM, FASID
Professor Emeritus, University of Sydney

"...Sam Murray has made highly significant contributions to supporting people with intellectual disabilities, especially in Victoria, and to professional bodies such as the Australasian Society for Intellectual Disabilities..."

Professor Mark Benner MSW
King's University College

"...Samuel is a resourceful professional. He is a strong advocate with a wide scope of interests, keeps abreast of important issues and finds his way to address them. He is a respected colleague..."

Xuan Luu M.Ed
Senior Project Officer, University of Sydney

"...Aspect Consultancy has a keen passion for advocacy and reform in the disability sector, evidenced by high level of academic training and comprehensive professional experience in working with individuals with disabilities. At present, I am an academic teaching in a senior undergraduate coursework unit concerning disability and health. From Samuel's practitioner's perspective, he has volunteered insight into the "nuts and bolts" of the reciprocal relationship between research and evidence-based practice. This has been helpful to me in developing a curriculum that is informed by up-to-the-minute literature and developments in disability at all levels of the system from the micro/individual to the macro/societal. I believe Samuel to be absolutely an asset to both research and practice in the disability sector as it looks to the future..."